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Black Gecko Lizard Embroidered Iron / Sew On Patch Dress Top Skirt Hat Cap Badge

Black Gecko Lizard Embroidered Iron / Sew On Patch Dress Top Skirt Hat Cap Badge

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Introducing the Black Gecko Lizard Embroidered Iron / Sew On Patch Dress Top Skirt Hat Cap Badge, a must-have accessory for all lizard lovers and fashion enthusiasts! This intricately designed patch is the perfect way to add a touch of unique style to your clothing, making a bold statement wherever you go.

Measuring at a size of 6.2 cm in width and 9.8 cm in height, this patch is the ideal size to effortlessly adorn your favorite dress, top, skirt, hat, or cap. Its versatile dimensions make it suitable for a range of clothing items, allowing you to showcase your love for geckos in a fashionable and creative way.

But how do you attach this eye-catching patch to your clothing? It's simple! Just follow these easy steps to achieve a flawless application:

1. Lay your cloth on a flat, heat-resistant surface, such as an ironing board, ensuring a smooth and even base for the patch.
2. If needed, iron the fabric first to ensure it provides a good surface for the patch. For items like backpacks or difficult-to-iron materials, try to arrange them so that the patch area lies flat against a hard surface.
3. Choose the perfect position for the patch on your garment, making sure it's not crooked. Remember, for embroidered patches like this one, the adhesive side is the underside.
4. Heat up your iron to the hottest setting that your fabric can tolerate. Ensure that the "steam" option is turned off and that your iron is free from water.
5. Place a thin towel over the patch, taking care not to disturb its position. This towel acts as a protective barrier for both the patch and the surrounding fabric.
6. Position the heated iron over the patch and press down firmly. Hold it in place for approximately 15 seconds, applying as much pressure as possible.
7. Remove the iron and allow the patch to cool. Lift the towel and gently rub the edge of the patch with your finger to check if it's securely fixed. If it lifts up slightly, replace the towel and press it again with the iron for an additional 10 seconds.

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? No worries! We offer a full 30-day returns policy. If, within 30 days of checkout, you find yourself unsatisfied with the product, simply return your unworn and unwashed item, and we will gladly provide you with a full refund (excluding shipping) or an exchange.

When it comes to shipping, we've got you covered. All orders are dispatched within 1 working day of the transaction, ensuring a prompt delivery to your doorstep. Please allow 7-21 days for international delivery, as we strive to bring this exceptional patch to lizard enthusiasts worldwide.

At checkout, we offer the convenience of multiple payment methods, including Paypal, to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Embrace your love for geckos and elevate your style with the Black Gecko Lizard Embroidered Iron / Sew On Patch Dress Top Skirt Hat Cap Badge. Add it to your collection today and let your fashion sense soar to new heights!

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