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Ivy Familiar Box 15cm

Ivy Familiar Box 15cm

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Category: Home Decor
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Introducing the Ivy Familiar Box 15cm, where enchanting design meets practicality! 🐱

- Capture the essence of magic and mystery with this captivating Ivy Familiar Box.
- A small black cat perched on top, adorned with a witch's hat, adds a touch of whimsy to your space.
- Adorned with intricate Wicca symbols and delicate ivy leaves, this box exudes an aura of enchantment.
- Keep your most treasured possessions secure in this mystical box, crafted with the finest resin for durability.
- Each detail is meticulously hand-painted, ensuring a unique and high-quality addition to your collection.

Unleash your inner feline fanatic and add a touch of spellbinding charm to your decor with the Ivy Familiar Box 15cm. 🌿🔮

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