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Mini Bronze Mother Earth Art Figurine 8.5cm

Mini Bronze Mother Earth Art Figurine 8.5cm

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Behold the Mini Bronze Mother Earth Art Figurine 8.5cm, a mesmerising tribute to the very essence of life itself. Crafted with exquisite detail and artistry, this figurine captures the essence of Mother Earth in all her glory.

🌿 Transcending all in existence, Mother Earth stands tall, her arms cradling the world like a precious treasure.

🍃 Her hair, a cascade of green foliage with intricate golden accents, flows elegantly down her back, a symbol of nature's beauty and abundance.

🌞 Adorned with the celestial symbols of the Moon and Sun, her breasts are veiled in lush greenery, a reminder of the life-giving power of the Earth.

🌍 Cast in the finest resin and expertly finished in bronze, this mini Mother Earth figurine is a true work of art that will bring a touch of mystique and reverence to any space.

Embrace the magic and beauty of nature with this stunning Mini Bronze Mother Earth Art Figurine, a timeless piece that honours the eternal bond between humanity and the Earth.

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