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Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch Iron Sew On Clothes Bag Tattoo Embroidered Badge

Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch Iron Sew On Clothes Bag Tattoo Embroidered Badge

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Introducing our Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch! 🦋🌟🔥

Add a touch of edgy style and a dash of whimsical charm to your clothes, bags, or accessories with this stunning embroidered badge. Featuring a captivating combination of a pink skull, delicate butterflies, and shining stars, this patch is sure to make a bold statement wherever you choose to place it.

Measuring at 7.5 cm in width and 6 cm in height, this patch is the perfect size to adorn your favorite denim jacket, backpack, or even a plain t-shirt. Its eye-catching design is bound to turn heads and spark conversations, making it a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward individual.

But what sets this patch apart is not just its striking design, but also its versatility. Thanks to its iron-on and sew-on capabilities, you have the freedom to choose how you want to attach it to your chosen item. Whether you prefer the convenience of ironing it on or the durability of sewing it, this patch ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Applying the Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch is a breeze. Simply lay your garment or accessory on a flat, heat-resistant surface, and position the patch in the desired spot. Heat up your iron to the hottest setting your fabric can handle and place a thin towel over the patch to protect it. Apply firm pressure with the iron for approximately 15 seconds, allowing the adhesive to bond with the fabric. Once cooled, you can rest assured that your patch is securely fixed in place.

Not only does this patch add a unique and fashionable touch to your wardrobe, but it also allows you to express your individuality and personal style. Whether you're a fan of alternative fashion, a lover of all things gothic, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of intricate embroidery, the Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch is the perfect accessory for you.

So why wait? Embrace your inner rebel and adorn your favorite items with this captivating patch. Shop now and let your style soar to new heights with the Pink Skull Butterfly Star Patch! 🦋🌟🔥

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John M (Fort William, GB)

Very good quality , excellent service and sent very quickly