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Fleur De Lis Iron On Patch Sew On Badge France Coat Of Arms French Flower Lily

Fleur De Lis Iron On Patch Sew On Badge France Coat Of Arms French Flower Lily

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Introducing our exquisite Fleur De Lis Iron On Patch Sew On Badge, a true symbol of elegance and heritage. This beautiful patch showcases the iconic French coat of arms, featuring the timeless Fleur De Lis and the delicate charm of the French flower lily.

Measuring at a perfect size of 5.9 cm in width and 7.8 cm in height, this patch is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Its intricate embroidery and vibrant colours make it a stunning addition to any garment or accessory.

Applying the Fleur De Lis Patch is a breeze. Simply lay your fabric on a flat, heat-resistant surface and iron it beforehand to ensure a smooth and even base. Position the patch in your desired spot, ensuring it is straight and aligned. With the adhesive side facing down, heat up your iron to the hottest setting your fabric can tolerate.

Cover the patch with a thin towel to protect both the patch and the surrounding fabric. Apply firm pressure with the iron for approximately 15 seconds, allowing the heat to activate the adhesive. Once done, remove the iron and let the patch cool. To ensure a secure attachment, gently rub the edge of the patch with your finger. If it lifts slightly, repeat the process with the towel and iron for an additional 10 seconds.

Not only does our Fleur De Lis Iron On Patch Sew On Badge add a touch of French sophistication to your clothing and accessories, but it also allows you to showcase your love for France and its rich history. Whether you're embellishing a jacket, backpack, or even a pair of jeans, this patch is sure to make a statement.

Embrace the allure of the Fleur De Lis and the elegance of the French flower lily with our exceptional iron-on patch. Add it to your collection today and let your style blossom with a touch of French flair.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle (Rochford, GB)
Half and Half

Gave 3 stars because the Fleur de Lys and the Coat of Arms patches I bought were great (altho I usually sew as well as iron for stability) However, I also bought Flower Lily's and these have been awful. To start with the glue would simply not melt enough to stick but I persevered and eventually got 90% of it to work. Too fiddly to sew so had to just trust and although the glue is VERY stuck, the entire flower has come away from it after only 1 week. Not happy at all as the item its on is now ruined as the glue wont come off