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Llama Alpaca Patch Iron On Sew On Lama Sheep Embroidered Badge Animal Embroidery

Llama Alpaca Patch Iron On Sew On Lama Sheep Embroidered Badge Animal Embroidery

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Introducing our adorable Llama Alpaca Patch, the perfect accessory to add a touch of charm and personality to your favorite items! Whether you're a fan of lamas, alpacas, or simply love unique embroidered badges, this patch is a must-have for your collection.

Measuring 4.5 cm in width and 8.2 cm in height, this intricately designed patch showcases the finest craftsmanship in animal embroidery. With its vibrant colors and detailed stitching, it's bound to catch everyone's attention and spark conversations wherever you go.

Applying this patch is a breeze! Lay your cloth on a flat, heat-resistant surface, like an ironing board, and ensure it's wrinkle-free by giving it a quick iron. Then, position the patch in your desired spot, making sure it's straight and aligned perfectly. The adhesive side of the patch should be flat against the fabric.

Now, heat up your iron to the hottest setting that your fabric can handle, ensuring the steam option is turned off. Place a thin towel over the patch to protect it and the surrounding fabric. Apply firm pressure with the heated iron for about 15 seconds, allowing the adhesive to bond securely.

Once you've finished ironing, let the patch cool down. Lift the towel and gently rub the edge of the patch with your finger to ensure it's firmly fixed. If it lifts up slightly, simply replace the towel and press it again with the iron for another 10 seconds.

Versatile and durable, this Llama Alpaca Patch can be applied to a wide range of items. Decorate your backpack, jacket, hat, or even create a unique piece of art by sewing it onto a fabric canvas. The possibilities are endless!

Express your love for animals and showcase your individuality with this charming Llama Alpaca Patch. Add it to your cart today and let your style shine with this delightful embroidered badge.

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Helen Roberts (Seaford, GB)

A gift for my spinning friend. It is fantastic quality.